Congratulations to Dr. Amin Sadeghi, for successfully defending his PhD

Amin started his PhD with PMEAL at McGill in September 2015, and now finished his journey in May 2019; less than 4 years! Many great papers arose from his work, including:

Sadeghi MA, Agnou M, Barralet J, Gostick J*, The interplay between microstructure, transport properties, and kinetics in flow battery electrodes: a pore network modeling study. Journal of the Electrochemical Society

Gostick JT, Khan ZA, Tranter TG, Matthew MDR, Agnaou M, Sadeghi MA, and Jervis R, PoreSpy: A Python Toolkit for Quantitative Analysis of Porous Media Images. The Journal of Open Source Software, 4(37), 1296 (2019)

Kok MDR, Jervis R, Tranter TG, Sadeghi MA, Brett DJ, Shearing PR, and Gostick J*, Mass Transfer in Fibrous Media with Varying Anisotropy for Flow Battery Electrodes: Direct Numerical Simulations with 3D X-ray Computed Tomography. Chemical Engineering Science. 196, 104-115 (2019)

Sadeghi, M. A., Aghighi, M., Barralet, J. & Gostick, J. T.*, Pore network modeling of reaction-diffusion in hierarchical porous particles: The effects of microstructure. Chemical Engineering Journal 330, 1002–1011 (2017)